Until fairly recently I used to see Chanel for counselling. I just wanted to say and pass on to you how much I appreciate the work Chanel did with me and how much she has helped me ever since my first session. I am doing so much better now and I want to thank Chanel for that. I think the work you do is amazing, thank you again

Client in her teens

It has been really nice talking with Chanel. I felt safe and comfortable. She helped me understand a lot of things that I can manage much better now.

Male client in his 50s

Chanel has helped me to see the issues caused from work stress and how this has affected my mental and physical health as well as my family. Together we made a plan and each week reflected on what was working and not working. I’ve come a long way and pleased to have made changes that are really helping. I don’t think I could have done it without her help.  Thank you

Client in his 30s

The turning point came when I realised how much of my time was planned around my anxiety – what a relief to be free!