Individual therapy online & phone

If you struggling with anxiety, low mood, emotional difficulties, PTSD, OCD life challenges or other mental health concerns then psychotherapy can help. Discover why you might be feeling the way you do, learn how to cope and change for the better.

£30-£40 per session

Individual therapy in-person

In-person therapy offers you a way to feel truly connected with your therapist, so that you are heard, seen and understood. Knowing that whatever you may be struggling with, that you don’t have to go through it alone.

£30-£40 per session

Couples Counselling

There are many reasons that couples struggle – communication, affairs, in-laws, money issues, health concerns and more. At Nottingham Counselling Therapy we support couples to work through their issues learning new communication skills, empathy and understanding so that your relationship can heal and grow.

£50 per session

Walk & Talk Therapy

Walk and Talk Therapy service is a one-to-one psychotherapy conversation in nature conducted in open spaces such as the local park. This service is suitable for people that may find traditional face-to-face therapy restrictive, intense and those that struggle to confront difficult issues. Some people experience the movement of walking encourages an easy flow of conversation which stimulates new thought and insight. 

£40 per session

Support group for people with low mood and depression

Don’t suffer alone. Come and gain support. Learn ways of managing negative thoughts, coping strategies and more. Connect with people in a relaxed calm way. No expectation is required. Just a safe place to be. Experience accepance and friendship through mutual understanding and care under the supervision of a professional. 

£10 per session

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