Privacy Policy

Policy for Data Protection and Record-Keeping

1.     In order to adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Nottingham Counselling & Psychotherapy will hold all information on the Client confidentially. It is only accessible to the Counsellor for the purpose of sending related wellbeing information. It is only in cases of serious risk of harm that there may be a requirement for information to be passed on without the explicit consent of the client, or where the courts require the Counsellor to provide information by law. The GDPR requires Nottingham Counselling & Psychotherapy to inform the Client of the data it holds on them, and whether and how it is accessible to them.

2.     The Client is invited to provide name and contact details in written form during the sign up page on the website to be kept informed about related services. The client details are linked to mailchimp software, only accessible by the Counsellor and Counsellors chosen web designer’s to generate a regular newsletter. Other than contact details no other data will be kept or shared.

3.     Client contact details will be kept as mentioned until the client cancels their sigh up via a link at the bottom of the newsletter or alternatively by emailing Nottingham Counselling & Psychotherapy.

4.     Under Article 17 of the GDPR, the Client has a “right to be forgotten” which entitles the Client to request that under certain conditions, Nottingham Counselling & Psychotherapy erase his/her personal data and cease further dissemination of such data.

5.     In the unlikely event of a data breach where the Client’s personal information has been lost or stolen, Nottingham Counselling & Psychotherapy will inform the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Client within 72 hours of becoming aware of such breach.

6.     Further information on GDPR, can be found at